Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFO Still Continues, Says Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean – International Business Tim…

Nirmal Narayanan quotes Leslie Kean as saying that the Nimitz UFOs “were actually observed coming in from outer space,” which sounds like more than the 80,000 foot altitude we thought we’d heard in previous accounts. If so, this point deserves to be emphasized even more than that the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is still in operation, which has been “under-reported” in the media. Staying with the relationship between government and UFOs, Paul Seaburn informs that a UFO Expert Reveals Sinister Forces Behind His Retirement. It turns out that just days after Brian Leathley-Andrew opened up a UFO information bureau in Bedworth, Warwickshire, England, odd things started happening that appeared to be caused by human agency. That is, except for the guy with the glowing orange face that aged to the visage of an old man before Leathley-Andrew’s astonished eyes. With Space Secrecy: NASA and the UFO Deception JP Robinson seems to believe completely the notion that “ET UFOs” followed all Gemini and Apollo missions. (WM)

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