Oldest Fossils Of Homo Sapiens Found In Morocco, Altering History Of Our Species – The New York Times

How long has humanity graced the face of Earth? 4000 years? Bzzt. 195 thousand years? Nope! How about three hundred thousand years? That’s the groundbreaking discovery rocking anthropology to its very core, and Carl Zimmer’s keen to celebrate our lengthy lineage. And as the august Graham Hancock eloquently shared on Twitter, “The wiggle room for a lost civilization before any of those recognized by archaeologists keeps on getting wider.” Even with the clock pushed back, we don’t know where we came from which raises several pointed questions like “Are we the product of Gods Or Men?” Kevin Murphy positively devoured Jim Willis’s Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, And The Conspiracy Of Silence, which makes the case for prehistoric humanity’s sheer awesomeness without the necessity of invoking Anunnaki nor ancient aliens. From the annals of archaeoastronomy, Steven and Evan Strong take note of the oldest star map in the world guiding Australia’s indigenous people to the Nine Points Of The Pleiades. Eat your heart out, Stonehenge! (CS)

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