No Alien Megastructure Around Mysterious ‘Tabby’s Star’, Analysis Shows – The Guardian

Science fiction fans, we feel your pain. Aliens are probably not building a megastructure around KIC 8462852, a.k.a. Tabby’s Star, a.k.a. Boyajian’s Star. Using their Kickstarter gold, Boyajian and her team of crack astronomers have gathered data strongly suggesting dust is the culprit 1,280 light years away. On the bright side, notes Stuart Clark, it’s still weird. Just not as we hoped. Don’t fret, as the dust could be a black cloud as Fred Hoyle imagined in his eponymous book. Or a fleet of von Neumann machines deconstructing something for some alien purpose. For the scientifically minded, Paul Glister gives his two cents on KIC 8462852’s Dusty Solution. For those who wish to be philosophical on the matter, the 21st century’s answer to Socrates contemplates The Loneliness Of The Anthropic Universe after a zillion years of solitude. Consider the mere idea our universe exists solely for us may just be a figment of our imagination. (CS)

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