NH has Embraced its UFO Abduction, but in Mass. They’re More Hesitant – Granite Geek

The controversy continues over a Massachusetts monument commemorating a 1969 abduction event. David Brooks gives us the basics, links to a Boston Globe story that provides more details, and says “Stay tuned!” We Will. Site manager Doug Skinner comments “What a Mess!” as introduction to Special Cases–The Long Island File (85): John Does Not Want a Baby. John Keel himself said in a letter he wrote to chief alien/android Appell: “I look for answers but I only find more questions. I fear for all of us.” One of the things John feared most is Appell’s kind coming “into close contact with our ‘Hippies’!” While reading the letter, bear in mind Keel seemed convinced of the reality of his secretive counterpart and of at least much of the predicament Appell is painting about Earth’s perilous situation. Now Appell rather fits the profile Nick Redfern considers in Secret Sources: Friends or Foes? Those who research and/or talk about UFOs consistently have folks come up to them with personal stories, often with significant, unheard-of details, and also requesting anonymity. While overwhelmingly most people are legitimate, with good reasons for not wanting their names associated with their information, Nick believes others may be “using” the recipient for their own (or someone else’s) agendas. Nick follows this article with an amusing but instructive example in The Straith Letter: UFOs and a Hoax. (WM)

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