New Revelations About Closing the UFO Desk in Britain – The UFO Past

Greg Eghigian overviews breaking news on how Great Britain washed its hands of its “state-sponsored UFO investigation” while trying to keep the public temperature down about UFOs. Greg mentions the work of the “Condon Committee” (October 1966-November 1968) being “aimed at achieving the very same ends.” One of the inspirations for Greg’s piece is Damien Gayle’s No Time for Aliens: How the MoD [Ministry of Defence] tried to Prove No One’s Out There. Correspondence mentioned here heightens parallels between what largely drove both this British extrication activity and the U.S.’s earlier University of Colorado UFO Project (aka “Condon Committee”). Damien Gayle’s article doesn’t mention the name of the report that resulted from the MoD debate shown in the “previously unseen documents,” but does credit journalist-ufologist Dr. David Clarke with getting their release “after a freedom of information battle.” That tussle over three files is explained in Clarke’s own “Why Britain’s MoD Closed the UFO Files: Exclusive New Evidence. So too is information about “UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] in the UK Air Defence Region,” better known as the “Condign Report.” And a bombshell: the very author of the Condign Report forecast his most important recommendation before the study was finished, echoing Dr. Condon’s writing his conclusions to the University of Colorado UFO Project before the various project teams had completed their work and reports, and statement in January 1967 that he was inclined to recommend the government gett out of “this [UFO] business…but I’m not supposed to reach a conclusion for another year.” (WM)

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