New Documents Reveal Canadian Government’s Knowledge of UFOs – Mysterious Universe

Brett Tingley alerts us to and gives a good synopsis of a “find” by Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski of 27 pages of documents pertaining to six 1967 UFO cases, including the May 20 Stefan Michalak CE-II, October 5 Shag Harbour “UFO splash”, a stunning radar event, and the first North American crop circles. Be sure to follow Brett’s link to the Rutkowski site on these. Speaking of radar and water cases, Lon Strickler’s got a doozy in Coast Guard Cutter Encounters USO off Key West. With Mysterious “Discs” of the Second World War Nick Redfern corrects a wrong impression as to when the term “disc” was initially used in military descriptions of unidentified anomalous objects. Perhaps even more significantly, Nick proves that the origin of the term “unidentified flying objects” goes back to August 1947 at least, and was not original with Edward Ruppelt. But Nick’s maybe topped this article with his Long-Haired Aliens Bite the Dust–Or Don’t. Or maybe not, because Nick thinks the story he relates from Len Stringfield is a “tall tale”. Lastly, Kevin Randle repeats verbatim a promo for Belgium in UFO Photographs: Volume 1 (1950-1988) By Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Wim van Utrecht. Note that this important work is available free online through the link provided by Kevin (and the press release). (WM)

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