Nevada Has a New Travel Guide Especially for Extraterrestrials – Mysterious Universe

A little ufology “off the beaten path” here. Paul Seaburn alerts us to Nevada’s many real state slogans, and fanciful ones that could accompany a U.F.O. Stopover in Nevada. Over in England, Jon Austin asks What Was It? Two ‘Experienced Skywatchers’ Saw UFO on BOTH sides of Atlantic Last Night. We’re not sure Mr. Austin wants us to believe these were the same phenomenon. One object took about 80 seconds to cross the sky over Olancha, California; the other required more than an hour to transit the heavens over Westport, County Mayo, on Ireland’s west coast. Back on January 29th, Staffordshire, England’s Matt Jackson relayed a question from a Sentinel Reader: Did Anyone Else See ‘Strange Lights’ above Stoke-on-Trent Last Night?. So far, a “flock of birds, with the sun setting behind them” is the only suggested identification, and even that may have been proffered in jest. (WM)

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