Mysterious Nessie-Type Monster Spotted in Lake in Albania – Mysterious Universe

It’s good to know that there is no shortage of strangeness in our world, regardless of your country of origin. This latest orm sighting in an Albanian lake is certainly not a definitive “sea serpent,” but it doesn’t act like a piece of driftwood either. We hope this is the start of something, so while we wait for more news let’s look at The Supernatural Side of Nessie. According to lore, Nessie was put in her place quite soundly by Saint Columba in the 6th century, although we don’t know if it was due to the man’s connection to God or to the large pointy stick he was wielding. And then there was occultist Aleister Crowley who found the Loch Ness vibe to be exactly what he needed to carry out whatever dark magician’s do when no one is looking. But if you would like to broaden their horizons further, we recommend Sea Serpents Galore! (1834 to 1849) by Malcolm Smith. Malcolm is no slouch when it comes to research and these 19th century examples of watery beasts will likely all be news to our readers.(CM)

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