Mrs. Hingley and the Christmas Martians – Strange Company

“Blogger of the Grotesque and Arabesque,” Undine relates a 1979 tale sounding equal parts UFO and Faerie. It’s quirky, mostly positive, and apparently sincere. A more foreboding tone emanates from Special Cases–The Long Island File (68): A Red Top and the Petersons. This installment from Keel’s 1967 notes features a very strange phone call to John, and an encounter between John’s principal contactee contact and another contactee who apparently fears for his life–with good reason. An article bearing a poorly-matched headline is Why People Lie about Being Abducted by Aliens. Harley Tamplin describes Philip Mantle’s and Nick Pope’s respective takes on why people concoct UFO “hoaxes” of all stripes. A highlighted fishy tale is Larry Warren’s Rendlesham Forest story, which Pope notes “has damaged the standing of the case itself.” (WM)

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