Many Animals Can Count, Some Better Than You – New York Times

What could we have been like if humanity didn’t get infected all those aeons ago? Perhaps a little something like Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man. Mixing biology, anthropology, and neuroscience together Natalie Angier illustrates the knack for numbers possessed by chimps and frogs, the lexical similarities among words for small quantities, and humanity’s bargain for consciousness vs. being savants. More speculative could some of these observations expose the foundations of Julian Jaynes’s bicameral mind, based on the near-subsconscious counting capacity of male túngara frogs mentioned in Natalie’s piece? It’s a long shot. If we could talk with the animals, on neutral rather than anthropic terms, the science of cognition and consciousness would expand by leaps and bounds. Linda Tellington-Jones’s mode of Interspecies Communication is touch. More specific, a special kind of touch utilized by Russian gypsies working racetracks. This technique works on bears, dogs, and other critters much to Jeffrey Mishlove’s surprise. Linda is earnest, making her case compelling, but she does skirt the edges of 5-D Lemurian crystal territory. (CS)

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