Large Bird Sighted Again in Alaska – CryptoZoo News

You have to love Alaska. Yes, the place has crazy inflation, cold that most of us can’t even begin to wrap our parka’d heads around, short days and as of very recently, earthquakes. But it’s also got the mother load of weirdness, at least sometimes. UFO’s, alien abductions? Check. Terrifying hairy beasts (besides the ever present kodiak and polar bear population)? Check. Beautiful and sometimes inexplicable lights in the sky? Check. Now add to the Weird Tourism list Large Bird Sightings. Alaskan residents probably didn’t need encouragement to keep Fido indoors, but the prospect of little ruff-ruff becoming bird food is a pretty good motivator. So what about these Multiple Sightings of Large Unidentified Winged Creatures in North Carolina? Some cryptozoologists are quietly discussing the possibility that pterosaurs aren’t extinct after all, which doesn’t seem that far out considering other so called experts are trying to tell witnesses that what they saw was a Great Blue Heron flying through the sky. Excuse us a moment, we need to go outside to swear and spit…Now where were we? A freaking Great Blue Heron. Look folks, not to go all Canadian on the Crypto world’s butt, but we have herons all over the place in Central Ontario and nobody, no matter how inexperienced or excited, is going to mistake one for a flying dinosaur. (CM)

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