L.A. Marzulli Holds Live Stream Symposium to Reveal Elongated Skull DNA Results – Jason Colavito

Sometimes mythmakers are as quirky as the myths themselves. Jason Colavito describes a Paracas Skulls presentation made at the “Elongated Skulls Symposium” in Los Angeles by a group led by L.A. Marzulli. The details Colavito and others relate indicate that the whole thing was ill-prepared and especially ill-timed. The unfinished DNA results may not even be indicative of anything new, and the Paracas Skulls history DNA analyzer Brien Foerster spins is at best a rather creative and premature story, likened by a Commenter to the article to “Egyptians in the Grand Canyon.” Well, Brett Swancer just happens to have a substantive piece about The Mysterious Lost Underground Civilization of the Grand Canyon. Swancer details the story of a vanished race and its likely nonexistent discoverers. Next, Jason Colavito goes underground in his Review of Expedition Unknown S04E06 “Hunt for the Metal Library”. Colavito says unflattering (surprise!) things about Erich Von Daniken and a golden library purportedly located in an Ecuadorean cave that von Daniken allegedly visited. Josh Gates and the producers of Expedition Unknown had no compunctions about questing for the lost and alluring treasure trove, and spent much time looking for it in a cave infested with bat guano. The major results were that Gates and two TV crew members got sick. (WM)

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