Jerome Clark with Curtis Collins – The Paracast

Gene Steinberg and co-host Curtis Collins reminisce on the younger days of UFOs with ufologist/anomalist Jerome Clark. Probably the biggest news from this interview is Jerry’s announcement that he’s working on a third edition of The UFO Encyclopedia, easily one of the ten most important works written in the field, and a necessary reference for any really serious UFO researcher. Much of the conversation revolves around the famous “airship wave” of 1896/7, and Clark’s contention that at least some of the U.S. reports were not the outright hoaxes that colleague scholars such as Dr. Thomas Bullard believe them to be. But Clark doesn’t really think these particular reports were consensus-reality events, either, and this gets us into his distinction between “event anomalies” and “experience anomalies.” Whether you think this successfully accounts for certain “High Strangeness” UFO cases or is just invoking one unknown to explain another, Clark as much as anyone else has put in the time, effort, and thought into this matter over the years and his theory offers a unifying perspective on more than just UFO anomalies. Jerry’s got other opinions worth noting, as well, in this strong podcast. (WM)

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