Is That a UFO? Nearly 60,000 Sightings Compiled Since 1995 Show Correlation between Sightings and Military Bases – SOFRE…

Is the historical concentration of UFO sightings near military bases a meaningful correlation, or is it more a function of population density? And if military base sighting reports are indeed more frequent than the average, may this be due to people around there looking up in the sky more often, and knowing where to report them–i.e., Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center? Alex Hollings ponders some of these questions, in the light of UFOs becoming slightly more fashionable since last December’s revelations. That database doesn’t include the famous Hudson Valley UFO sightings of the 1980s, one of which Mark Whittington describes in The Amazing Connecticut UFO Close Encounter in 1987. It’s a decent short piece on this part of UFO history. (WM)

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