How Consumerism Created Bigfoot – JStor Daily

The title of this piece is not to be taken literally–consumerism did not create a giant hairy man-ape. But the era of consumerism brought with it a sense of disconnectedness as men attempted to adapt to their drastically changing roles in society. The legacy of Sasquatch was a perfect outlet for manly strength and anger, as well as a welcome diversion from the current events of the 1970s. And just as we suspected, These Alaskan Monsters of Myth and Folklore Could Be Based on Real Animals. Giants, sea serpents and Thunderbirds are all found in the old tales of the peoples native to Alaska, often matching up to crypid sightings in our own time. Bigfoot, Caddy, and enormous birds the size of airplanes are not just the stuff of ancient history. Perhaps the native storytellers were not fabricating their tales.(CM)

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