Hikers Looking for UFOs Get Lost in Blue Hills – Boston Globe

An integral part of the UFO phenomenon (or “phenomena”) is the human component, which often does not lend credit to the pursuit itself. “Mainstream” media loves this sort of stuff. Emily Sweeney tells us about three young UFO-hunters who basically marooned themselves atop a hill last Thursday night in a state park “only minutes from the bustle of downtown Boston.” The lack of preparation by the trio and the amount of human–and dog–power that had to be diverted from other protective duties stand out starkly in this short piece. But the threesome did claim to have bagged “three bright lights in the formation of a triangle” and a big orb. Here’s a UFO that Hung out Near Brainerd, Minnesota for a While, reports Minneapolis’ City Pages’ Mike Mullen. This article offers a slightly less than six minute video uploaded by a group called Suspect Sky. All right, we confess that we don’t like UFO videos whose creators think they have to pipe in dramatic music to improve their offerings, but the video just does not excite us. Nor, apparently, Mr. Mullen, who has fun with SuspectSky’s claim to offer “the best sightings, analysis, and thought-provoking research” on UFOs. (WM)

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