General Barter and the Ghost Who Dressed for Dinner – EsoterX

The British used to have a reputation for always being correctly dressed, and it appears from this tale that such etiquette was even followed in the afterlife. Most of us however would prefer to encounter Spirits of loved ones and comforting presence, which Edward Shanahan writes of in this piece about his experiences at the Spirit Communication Sessions which he provides in Chicago. Meanwhile Chris Woodyard tells of Painting in the dark with Raphael, a feat supposedly accomplished a century ago by an old soldier who found that, after a visit by gentle spectres, he was cured of his rheumatism and acquired a skill for painting. No doubt Big Pharma would put a stop to that nowadays. In Supernatural Staffordshire: Whispers in the Cemetery were heard by a young boy at his mother’s graveside, the memory of which comforts him today in his senior years, so perhaps he might want to take part in an online survey which asks if you Have an Experience that changed your understanding of Death? (LP)

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