First Contact: How Could We Possibly Talk with Aliens? – Mysterious Universe

With shoutouts to Arrival, Contact, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Brent Swancer ponders the difficulties in communicating with alien intelligences. These include far more than Tamarians speaking in metaphors from their own culture and its mythology, as in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode Darmok. With Controversial UFO Movie Turns 25 Robbie Graham not only indicates the problems Travis Walton had interacting with his alien abductors, but how screenwriter Tracy Torme, the movie Fire in the Sky’s director, and Walton himself had to alter the abduction sequence to communicate “somewhat the feel and integrity of the terrifying experience” and yet meet Paramount executives’ mandate to be different from what was shown in the Intruders TV program. Graham also makes an interesting point about the “inconclusive ending” of Fire in the Sky being faithful to the broader abduction phenomenon. Nick Redfern takes up the alien contact movie theme to communicate his thoughts on a hot topic with 1988: Two Movies and UFO Disclosure. Nick makes a good case for watching the old films They Live and Alien Nation. Nick makes a good case against trusting claims that such instruments and events then and now are part of a government program to prepare humanity for a revelation of alien contact that is always “just around the corner”. We finish with Barry DiGregorio’s “original” idea or two, according to Paul Seaburn’s Scientist Claims Proof that NASA is Hiding Alien Life on Mars. DiGregorio says NASA is hiding evidence of fossils on Mars because knowledge of such could dampen public support for a peopled Mars expedition that would then (re)discover the proof of ancient Martian life. (WM)

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