Fighter Pilot Chases UFO, Urges World Leaders to Take the Threat of Aliens Seriously – Fox News

“This feels like a really big story to me.” So says Fox News’ Tucker Carlson at the conclusion of his interview with retired Navy Commander David Fravor about the latter’s encounter with a UFO in 2004. The video is attached to a straightforward article that appeared in The Sun on December 31st, and its reprise is an example of some larger media outlets keeping the recent UFO revelations alive. And The Company is getting into the act, as the CIA Teases with Tweet of UFO Photo. Paul Seaburn is kept guessing by a weekend tweet reminding us that the CIA has lately been making UFO information available and apparently having fun in the process. Its website even contains separate sections on CIA documents that “X-Files” agents Mulder and Scully “Would Love to Get [their] Hands On.” And the Chinese are reacting to the December 16th revelations, although they’re playing down the international reception of the recent U.S. information. Is Anyone out There? The Days When UFO Fever Gripped China is South China Morning Post reporter Liu Zhen’s useful account of Chinese ufology, poorly-understood in the West. (WM)

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