Fairy Investigation Society – ABC-AU

How many of our readers knew that in 1927 a retired British naval officer founded a society “to categorically prove that fairies were real”? The society was forced underground, which kind of makes you wonder what they were on to, but–cue the band–it was reestablished in 2015. Now we’re really curious, but we’ll save our speculation for another time. If you’re looking for seemingly more grounded material to research, Brett Swancer reports on The Mysterious Little People of Madagascar. The island is beset with many tales of small hominids, little ape-like creatures, and diminutive hairy critters that would sooner attack than deal with your humanness. Swancer makes the point that these stories and reports are so widespread and consistent across this Indian Ocean isle that one has to believe something is going on that needs further investigation. (CM)

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