Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo–Former Director of the AATIP – UFORadio-international

For anyone still following the BIG NEWS that broke in December, Giuliano Marinkovic’s interview with Luis Elizondo is a “must listen” (as it’s just audio). Conducted on January 15th, the dialogue gives Elizondo’s replies to many of the questions raised since the existence was revealed of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Some of these questions are still being asked. Two examples: the confusion of “metal alloys” with “meta-materials”, and the focus by skeptics upon debunking single sources of information, when cases like the 2004 “Nimitz”, featured multiple different data sources (eyes, electro-optical, radar). (In fairness to the skeptics, the complementary data to the two videos released to the public on December 16th has not been fully released.) About 45 minutes into the interview Elizondo goes to some lengths to counter his critics and explain and justify his own thought process and actions since last autumn. Interviewer Marinkovic certainly did his homework, and the result is a strong and rather persuasive whole. Jon Rappoport’s not convinced, per his “UFO Disclosure”: A Covert Op to Discredit Real Disclosure. Whether one accepts Rappoport’s thesis or not, it does point out some uncomfortable elements in the “To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science” initiative. (WM)

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