Eternal Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis Found to be Linked to Traumatic Experiences and Stress – Daily Grail

Most of us have at one time or another in our lives experienced the living hell that is sleep paralysis. Typically accompanied by the perception our worst nightmares have become a reality, researchers have been able to ascertain that sufferers are neither crazy nor tortured. However, it is likely they have experienced traumatic events that trigger the episodes, so that’s not the best of news. Continuing on this downhill slide, Nick Redfern reports on letters from his readers, Mothman And Nuclear Nightmares. End of the world you say? Winged harbingers of doom perchance? Well, if the quantity of nightmares reported has anything to do with outcomes we might want to start digging big holes and stockpiling canned goods. But wait! There’s more…to worry about, that is. Riders on the storm point out the celestial omens that abound at this time of escalating hostilities between world powers. Solar eclipses don’t have great track records in peace keeping. Just saying. (CM)

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