Dean Radin – Can Science Examine Magic? – Radio Misterioso

Mr. Radin’s answer is familiar to anomalists, but Greg Bishop encourages the maverick to elaborate upon his single-word answer. Thrown into the mix are conversations about every little thing on Greg’s mind, making for a particularly uplifting episode. After you’re done burning through Radin’s Real Magic, there are a few tomes worthy of joining your black library. A good sorceror pursuing the Magical Arts knows the importance of consensual reality, or Occulture. Carl Abrahamsson illustrates how art and magic compliment each other since time immemorial. Somewhere within those countless millennia this practice was exemplified upon a Magical Island known as Great Britain. Robin Melrose explores Magic in Britain, outlining the history of medieval and earlier practices. Europe isn’t the only game in town, evinced by the Amish culture of western Pennsylvania. For a better appreciation of Going Dutch, apprehend Gareth Medway’s review of Richard Orth’s thesis concerning the Folk Religion Of The Pennsylvania Dutch. (CS)

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