David Metcalfe–What Lies Beyond the Shining Saucer? – Radio Misterioso

After about seven minutes of preliminaries, Greg Bishop and guest David Metcalfe seize full attention with their discussion of the Santa Muerte belief system(s), and keep that grip going across a wide range of subjects. The conversation flows naturally for the most part, conveying the sense that underlying mediumship, UFOs, and a night spent in jail with a bunch of drug dealers was some kind of common thread. The Tony Robbins discussion initially sagged a bit, but after several minutes had this listener resolving to see the documentary on the guy. Over at the Paracast, Gene Steinberg welcomed Robert Schroeder with J. Randall Murphy. Schroeder was substituting for Richard Doty, who’s now scheduled for next time. Schroeder is passionately enthusiastic about the topic of his book Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs. Schroeder’s strong “nuts-and-bolts ET” views made Gene a bit uncomfortable, and Paracast co-host Murphy at times seemed taken aback by what he apparently felt were theories outstripping their evidence. But a generally good time was had by all. (WM)

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