Dad Believed in U.F.O.s. Turns Out He Wasn’t Alone – New York Times

Noted journalist and author Dan Barry offers a personal and sensitive portrayal reflective of many puzzled by the UFO phenomenon over the years. In Steven Greer Claims U.S. Intelligence Blackmailed Carl Sagan into Debunking UFOs Jason Colavito promotes his own view of the late astrophysicist’s retreat from an early dalliance with UFO reality. Colavito at least successfully pokes holes in the “blackmail” theory. Aside from the possibility of personal conversion, there were severe pressures within the scientific community against heterodoxy with regards to “flying saucers.” And Miguel “Red Pill Junkie” Romero proclaims New Year, New Shirt! (And Why Disclosure Blows). While Romero’s t-shirt design might be more effective if toned down some, he (and Robbie Graham, whom RPJ quotes) make excellent points about the likelihood–and likely authenticity–of any governmental “Big D” or “Little d” disclosure. (WM)

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