Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures On Mars –

They’re not saying it’s aliens yet, but the eggheads running the Curiosity rover are humoring the possibility in regards to some unusual tubes on Mars. Leonard David notes there are inorganic analogues to these structures on Earth, but their similarity to Ordovician trace fossils is uncanny. A similar story has been debunked by NASA, and Brett Tingley, as the DNA Of Mystery Microbes Found On The ISS Are Sequenced In Space. While the results aren’t what you would expect, the techniques used show promise for future discoveries. If you’re not able to spot the ISS in the night sky, perhaps you’ll be surprised to see a flying lizard gliding overhead. There’s a new survey of Eyewitness Reports Of Apparent Living Pterosaurs In The United States outlining the best places to spot these critters. We find it interesting how the article’s author, Jonathan David Whitcomb, lives in Utah and it just so happens Utah is the #2 pterodactyl hotspot. (CS)

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