Church Investigates Messages from Virgin Mary in Ivory Coast – The Fortean

Easter’s less than a month away so we’re not entirely surprised to see religious stories popping up like mushrooms. Chantal Magby’s going off the deep end with visions of the Holy Virgin Mary, stigmata, and pronouncements aligning with mainstream media’s dystopian vibe. It’s a good thing Jerusalem Fever isn’t affecting Paul Cropper nor Tim Binnall since they’re kooky enough without any need for intervention, unlike Nguyen Viet Cuong. The tale of a Bizarre Garlic ‘Exorcism’ Turning Fatal is certain to haunt you throughout the day. Also from the heavens, Paul caught wind of a Mysterious Rain Of Stones in Bankhedi, Madhya Pradesh which has locals burning incense at shrines dedicated to Charles Fort. Okay, not really, but maybe they should consider giving it a shot in the midst of high strangeness. (CS)

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