Brain “Pacemakerâ€� Could Help You Remember Only What You Might Forget – Scientific American

Do not blame scientists for ‘scientific’ blog posts. More often than not bloggers are not scientists. Case in point, why are they blogging rather than “science-ing”? Their mission? Perpetuate the science news cycle at all costs. Science, to be honest, is boring. Dreadfully and painfully boring if you can’t make sense of Greek letters, Latin terminology, and weird mathemagical symbols that could summon Cthulhu. This is where science bloggers come in and, with good intentions, muck everything up. Case in point: Dana Smith got a hot tip on a brain implant which can remember it for you wholesale, courtesy of a gentle zap. A tremendous breakthrough for Alzheimers patients and others with neurodegenerative disorders! Yet the day before, Dana’s colleague Helen Shen acknowledges Brain Stimulation Is All The Rage — But It May Not Stimulate The Brain. Helen’s talking about transcranial electrical stimulation harnessing the same principle: Zap brain, brain work better, who’s your insurance provider? Does electrical brain stimulation work at all? Nobody really knows, and that’s the most scientific statement anyone can make. Science is about educated guesses, and taking a few risks, not dogmatic headlines tailored to the tastes of positivists for whom their religion of Science can do no wrong. (CS)

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