Bigelow Aerospace Advert for AAWSA Jobs Found – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena-Scientific Research

Australian UFO researcher extraordinaire Keith Basterfield reports on details he has uncovered about the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program. See not only this May 10th installment but also Keith’s May 8th blog piece entitled The Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program — I Find the Original Call For Tenders Document to get the latest information. You may also find yourself wandering back to earlier blog installments, as Basterfield seems to have been following the unravelling story as closely and carefully as anyone. He notes the apparent discrepancy in stated starting dates for the program (2007 versus 2008), and in these and his earlier posts asks other cogent questions. We would highlight the requirement under “Contractor acquired material and travel” that “Any accountable property acquired by the contractor with government funds during the execution of this contract shall become government owned property.” If we are reading this correctly, it solves the problem of whose property would be the “metamaterials” collected under the program. There’s also mention of “a final report and briefing that assesses the foreign threat from advanced aerospace platforms incorporating the technologies discussed in the individual research reports…at the end of the period of performance…” Might this refer in part to the 400-page report we learned of back in December? (WM)

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