Astronaut Scott Kelly Talks UFOs, Says Aliens Probably Not Visiting Earth – Open Minds

Long-time space traveler Scott Kelly says he’s seen plenty of weird things in his flights above and within the atmosphere, but nothing that indicates extraterrestrials are visiting this orb we still call “Home.” Alejandro Rojas notes Kelly thinks there’s life in the universe, but as Alejandro summarizes, the astronaut’s main point is “that the distances are so vast, there is probably no way they have gotten here.” Or is that true, considers Greg Taylor, in Are Octopuses an Extraterrestrial Species that Came to Earth Millions of Years Ago?. This sounds like that burble we heard recently about the “gloomy octopus” being the closest thing on earth to a truly alien intelligence. The “vehicle” in the present article is that hoary concept “panspermia,” but with a new scientific paper co-authored by a gaggle of folks “from a wide range of reputable universities and research institutes.” They’re serious, and so is the skeptical “push-back”, Greg relates. Or maybe it’s not distance, but Time itself, that has been crossed by what’s visiting our skies, and, as one of Nick Redfern’s favorites, MIBs who’ve been doing the traveling. In Aliens: Us From a Future Time Nick posts a hypothetical but fun article, and concludes “it doesn’t hurt to speculate!” (WM)

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