Arizona Psychic Injured After Car Hit Restaurant Jokes He ‘Didn’t Foresee It Happening’ – KGW News

Blair Robertson could teach us all a little something about staying on the sunny side of the street. Or the safer side of the restaurant, if you want to get literal about it. The psychic in Virgil, Ontario, was having lunch out when a car came through the window of the restaurant in which he was seated and pinned him to the wall. He kept his sense of humor about it though, so if the psychic gig doesn’t work out there’s always stand up comedy. In other news, It’s Not Romantic Anymore to Say That Plants Have Brain-like Systems. Who would have thought biologists have been facing a conundrum upon the realization that plants experience what could be termed thought and decision making processes? Apparently it’s been giving them quite a headache, so there’s a movement now among plant biologists to use more neutral language in describing the lives of our neighbors growing in the soil. That’s fine–what do you get a rose for valentines day anyways?(CM)

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