Amazing Pieces of Alleged Tasmanian Tiger Footage – Mysterious Universe

As sightings of possible Thylacines continue to stack up, Brent Swancer takes us on a tour of some of the most compelling witness accounts, including video footage which we’ll leave to our readers’ discernment. Our one hope is that we learn from history, and if the Tasmanian Tiger is one day proven to still exist, we choose to remain interested in its habitat and put our shotguns away. Until then, Nick Redfern compares Whitley Streiber’s novel “The Wolfenâ€� and the Dogman Phenomenon, pointing out the rather unnerving similarities. The question however is: Which Came First? Did the novel inspire our imaginations to see Dogmen in the dark? Or was Streiber writing from experience (of some kind)? (CM)

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