Aliens in New England? A Timeline of UFO Sightings and Unusual Encounters – New England Today

Joe Bills offers a straightforward piece on New England history, starting with the 1639 “figure of a swine” and ending with a 1987 case that, like some of the rest, we’d not heard of before. And, yes, the 1967 “flying saucer” photographs do look “a bit hokey.” From New England to Europe and a “flying pig” to “smoked teeth” we go to ‘Flying Saucer’ Spotted in Photo Taken in Slovakia. Paul Seaburn has a typically fun piece with informative local color on what was recorded by the photographers. Paul offers that if the thing in the photograph is a REAL ET-mobile, it could be looking for silver, which some think explains a number of UFO sightings in South America. Such is not likely with Jaime L. Liencura’s article Chile: UFO Recorded in Cajon del Maipo. Apparently there are no silver mines in this part of central Chile, southeast of Santiago, but there are thermal springs and the area is billing itself as an energetic traveler’s mecca. Liencura’s article discusses a video and local experts who are reserving judgment on what they saw. The witness in Ivan Gomez’ article Mexico: Cab Driver Records UFO over San Luis describes a “classic” CEII-EM vehicle stoppage. This complements the cabby’s recent video of something that “appeared to have been following him.” The short clip probably won’t persuade many, but the 1:30 am occurrence certainly was unnerving. (WM)

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