Alien Inscription: Have the Roswell UFO Debris Symbols been Deciphered? – UFO Explorations

Anthony Bragalia tries to revive Roswell interest with the idea that the designers of the crashed disc included hieroglyphic instructions on how to fly it on those “I beams” Jesse Marcel Sr. was said to have found in 1947. In another historical case, this one going back to the 19th century, Kevin Randle offers us Aurora, Texas — Again. Kevin instances this as just another example of debunked cases that survive by a fancied link to conspiracy theory. The Comments seem to support Kevin’s perspective in two different ways. Conspiracy theories are only part of the astounding story told by Dr. Richard B. Spence in Lights In The Sky: a True Tale of Mystery Airships, Spies, and Secret Cults in WWI Utah. A thick file of the “Bureau of Investigation”–later to become the “FBI”–is the main source for this account, which gets all the stranger with each passing paragraph. (WM)

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