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Brent Swancer covers Chuck Zukowski’s theory that “the 37th parallel appears to be the main corridor of UFOs traveling across the U.S.” To accept this theory requires a “lot of latitude” mentally. The very existence of some of the given examples is doubtful, and the connection between any of them with UFOs has not been proven. Cheryl Costa and Linda Costa Miller’s UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015 will also support a contrary view regarding on- and off-ramps for ET vehicles. Of the “Top Ten” UFO reporting states in that study (p.7) Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan are not even close to the 37th parallel, and that latitude line does not cross any part of the extremities of Texas or Ohio. California, of course, bestrides the 37th parallel, but its top five reporting counties are all less than 35 degrees North latitude (p.66). And the 37th parallel clustering theory gets no help from RJ Johnson’s Arizona Department of Transportation Posts Eerie UFO Photo. The apparently run-of-the-mill picture is not very noteworthy, but the short lead video of “Five Unexplained Phenomena in Arizona” is instructive for this state, whose northern border is the 37th parallel. The closest of the five locations mentioned here is Sedona, at less than 35 degrees North latitude. Sequoyah Kennedy asks ‘Floating Tower’ UFO Filmed Over Houston, Another Humanoid Sighting? We still maintain that the Sydney and Abu Dhabi videos Kennedy mentions show the very same building and therefore constitute just one case, but this Texas thing is intriguing. Of course the increasingly popular “drone diagnosis” has surfaced, though “amped up” by the “top secret” suggestion made by Kennedy’s source the Daily Star. By the way, Houston’s latitude is only 29.7604 degrees North. (WM)

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