Academic Claims Noah had Cell Phones, Drones and Nuclear Power – Mysterious Universe

When people declare themselves to be scientists, and position themselves as science’s spokeperson, people oughta listen. Right? Yavuz Ornek plays on the adage of any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, or miracles, with cringeworthy results that must be seen to be believed. Unlike Paul Seaburn, Jason Colavito begs to differ with this Turkish Chemist Claiming Noah Had A Nuclear-Powered Ark, And Calling His Son On A Cellphone, letting brevity be the soul of skepticism. In interest of fairness, let’s humor Mr. Ornek and presume Noah’s capacity for distant communication may be a latent wild talent within us all. Digby Tatum takes a moment to explain to Darren Boyle How Human Brains Are Interconnected Through A Type Of ‘Wi-Fi’, along with the origins of ‘gut feelings’. Curiously, Digby notes the same modern technology he draws a parallel to could screw up these sixth senses from time-immemorial! (CS)

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