AATIP, BAASS, AAVS, UAPS & UFOs–a Tipping Point? – The Oz Files

Veteran Australian researcher Bill Chalker reproduces a solid article he wrote for the now-defunct Australian Ufologist on the field’s current Biggest Story. Some little-known information from an Eric Davis interview, along with several key observations by Bill, make this article a must-read. Chalker’s frustration with the slow drizzle of information from the To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science is evident, and shared. On that TTS note, Randall Colburn tells us Why the World’s Top UFO Researchers Chose Tom DeLonge as their Mouthpiece. Colburn highlights key nuggets in a “pretty exhaustive rundown” on the whole situation done by Kelsey McKinney: Aliens Exist: Tom DeLonge Quit Blink-182 to Become One of the World’s Leading UFO Experts. Great background information and opinion in both articles. Well, apparently the Japanese government isn’t having any of this UFO business, according to Coast to Coast in Japanese Gov’t Dismisses UFOs. Given the lack of identification inherent in the term “UFO,” the Japanese “official statement on the matter” is indeed worrisome. Seizing on the ambiguity in “UFO,” a Chilean Army officer goes next door to sell books in Argentina: Pilot Calls ET Existence into Question. Some of Rodrigo Bravo’s conclusions from the “fifty-three references” underpinning his new book are novel and also debatable–which is his intention. (WM)

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