A Possible Visit From My Dead Brother – Consciousness Unbound

Ghost stories are a cheap thrill, but altering one’s consciousness in hopes of contacting the deceased proves profound. Michael Grosso shares an affecting account of (possibly) seeing his dead brother, while outlining methods to achieve elusive liminal states to twist one’s perceptions. Induced liminal states aren’t just for contacting the dead, but also worlds that might’ve existed as Brent Swancer discovers after dipping his toe into reddit. He recounts many anecdotal reports of Dreaming And Travel To Other Dimensions, along with commentary from legit researchers on how these tales intersect with Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation. Dreams and meditation are a shade less dangerous than the freak skiing accident gifting Susanne Seymoure a glimpse of the afterlife. Her experience lasted 45 minutes, in this world, and WMAR‘s Elsa M. got Susanne to open up on the secret behind A Child’s Trip to Heaven And Back. (CS)

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