A Mysterious Anomaly Under Africa Is Radically Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field – Science Alert

As if life isn’t getting crazy enough with steel tariffs, the shadow of atomic war, and Twitter looming over humanity, Peter Dockrill throws more fuel on the fire with a potential pole flip right around the corner. It’s not just geological evidence, but oral traditions passed down over the millennia making scientists reach for their Xanax. As Earth’s dynamo kicks into high gear, maybe there’ll be more reports of anomalous, luminous spheres floating through the air. According to Meghan Bartels the Mysteries of Ball Lightning Are Revealed In A Long-Sought Quantum Material Called ‘Skyrmion’, not Skyrim. For a greater appreciation of the phenomenon, we turn to Micah “Mouth of the South” Hanks and The Many Forms Of Mysterious Atmospheric Illuminations continuing to defy eggheads throughout the world. As a bonus, Micah shares several anecdotal accounts guaranteed to tickle your fancy. (CS)

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