A Fossilized Finger Bone May Be From The Earliest Humans On The Arabian Peninsula – New York Times

Are things getting older, or are institutions loosening the purse strings because they realize Graham Hancock’s theories have merit? More eyes means a greater likelyhood of discovering anomalies once relegated to Fortean Times but never The Gray Lady. Nicholas St. Fleur best encapsulates Michael Petraglia’s remarkable conclusion and why it upsets the proverbial apple cart. The “Out of Africa” hypothesis may hold water, but only if the clock is radically turned back. Remember those 850,000-Year-Old human Footprints Found In Norfolk? Do paleoanthropologists reckon Homo antecessor conveniently died out to make room for Homo sapiens migrants in Norfolk, completely dismissing the potential of H. antecessor evolving in situ? Genus Homo does get around, and we remain a randy lot even without internet porn. Combining both factors argues Africa wasn’t necessarily the only crucible for humanity as we know it. With archaeologists heading In To Asia to wind history back, and the controversy surrounding Graecopithecus freybergi, the idea humanity has always been here could gain traction in legitimate circles. (CS)

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