A Cosmic Gorilla Effect Could Blind The Detection Of Aliens – Science Daily

Aliens might be out there in the wild, dark yonder but they’ve remained more elusive than bigfoot. Perhaps humans are too focused on the wrong things, turning us blind to high strangeness when it’s figuratively in front of our faces. That, or humans are just too quick to try and debunk anything which upsets our paradigm’s applecart. Should aliens have a metabolism similar to our own, they’d need this One Scarce Element Which May Be Why We Haven’t Found Alien Life. Fortunately Paul Seaburn’s cornered the market on the stuff in hopes of luring the greys to our backdoor, while garnering a pretty penny. If phosphorus is rare, maybe that’s why some eggheads reckon Space Aliens Died Out Long Ago leaving behind a cosmic playground full of abandoned toys of the gods for clever apes with smartphones, like Seth Shostak, to discover. (CS)

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