203 Years Ago, A Toronto Lighthouse-Keeper Disappeared. Today, The Mystery Endures – CBC News

Gilbralter Lighthouse on Toronto Island may have stopped operating in 1958, but it seems as if one of its keepers hasn’t stopped calling the old tower home, murder be darned. J.P Radan Muller was both sentinel and brewmaster when he disappeared from this world, allegedly at the hands of some thirsty, unruly soldiers in 1815. Strange phenomena have plagued the landmark ever since, although the jury is out on how much of it is actual ghostly activity. Jury knows exactly what’s going on with this next story though. Paranormal ‘expert’ confirms viral photo of freaky ‘ghost’ to be authentic; it wasn’t. At the risk of being judgy, what the heck were they thinking? It’s hard enough singing karaoke in front of a crowd without someone pointing at you and saying you look like a jinn. Sounds a bit grade school if you ask us…(CM)

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