Mystery of the ‘Creepy Sound’ Heard in Plymouth – Plymouth Herald

On England’s south coast a resident has recorded an odd noise underlying the usual maritime sounds which perhaps adds to the frustration of locals who have for some years been plagued by the “Plymouth hum.” Meanwhile New Research Into the Mystery of Anomalous Meteor Sounds suggests that those who have “reported hearing meteors at the same time as seeing them” have not been imagining it. The science journal Nature reckons the sounds are caused by “photoacoustic coupling,” which we assume is not pornographic. (LP)

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Are 2% of Ghost Reports Genuinely Paranormal? – Hayley Is A Ghost

Hayley Stevens presents a sound argument for looking at all evidence as it relates to paranormal events. While only a very tiny percentage of experiences will ultimately be labelled as paranormal, the remaining data outside that definition needs to be examined at the very least as outside the normal (Xenonormal). We wonder how the experiences would be categorized from the Investigation at Ripley’s, Panama City, Night 2. David Weatherly reports disembodied voices, the sound of drums, and a strange manifestation caught on camera moving over a statue in the museum. Certainly not normal– at least in most tourist destinations. This next story is an example of phenomenon with a very pragmatic cause. Young girl farts in vlog and brilliantly blames it on a ghost. While we applaud her efforts to maintain plausible deniability, and we really like that her first reaction was to reach for the weird, we think the final conclusion might just stink a little. (CM)

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More WWII Ghost Planes Sighted Over Derbyshire, England – Mysterious Universe

Locals in England’s heartland have been unsettled by low-flying prop-planes buzzing their cars. Lots of spooky ideas around as to where they come from, but has anyone checked with nearby vintage flying clubs? Apparently not. No such simple explanation seems forthcoming in this account of Haunted Skies: The Ghostly Tale of Flight 401, which looks back to a 1972 air crash that seemed to instigate numerous sightings of the dead air crew for many years after. (LP)

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A 1968 or 1969 UFO Abduction? A Folie a Deux? A Hoax? – UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds provides links to versions of a 1968 “classic” Vermont multiple-abduction case. Two young workers at a girls’ summer camp on Lake Champlain had what is now regarded as a “typical” abduction experience, but went their separate ways without discussing the matter. Ten years later, the male of the pair contacted the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies for help in dealing with the unsettling sequelae of the 1968 event, and Walter Webb of Boston’s Hayden Planetarium and the Betty and Barney Hill case worked for five years on the subsequent investigation. The female witness was also located and contacted, and both underwent regressive hypnosis. Whatever one wishes to make of that practice, very similar and complementary stories emerged from the pair, who also had (though in the girl’s case, considerably less) conscious recall of the experience. Webb published the story in Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History, regarded by most of those who even know of it as a model in the abduction field. Rich’s “pro-UFO” sources may be too sure in their touting of the case, but one source tried to explain the events as a “hoax” staged by fellow counselors, and that effort was unsuccessful, per its Comments. (WM)

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The Magical Records Of Aleister Crowley: Sex, Drugs & Ritual PART 2 – The Curious Fortean

The Scarlet Woman enlightens us as to the contents of the Magical Records of the Beast, Crowley’s second chapter of his journal in 1919. The synopsis: Crowley became a drug addicted womanizer who used anyone and any creature for his own benefit. The most fascinating part of reading the journal was witnessing his gradual unraveling under the influence of heroin, hashish, and cocaine. Moving ahead 40 years, we look Inside the bizarre 1960s cult, The Family: LSD, yoga and UFOs. The debauched principles of this group extended to middle class Australians who believed their leader was Christ reborn, and who willingly committed acts of fraud, scam adoptions, forgery, and spouse swapping at her behest. Almost 60 years later and the cult persists, albeit on a much smaller scale. The LSD must have been so good no one wanted to leave. (CM)

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Seoul blames N. Korea for Kim Jong-nam’s death, Malaysia hunts 4 N. Korean suspects

Preview Seoul accuses Pyongyang of being behind the death of Kim Jong-nam, leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother. Malaysian detectives say that four North Koreans, suspected of killing Nam with fast-acting poison at Kuala Lumpur Airport, have fled the country.
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Liberals are furious FBI Clears Trump, Confirms No Evidence Of Trump Or Associates Working With Russian Intel

FBI Director James Comey President Donald Trump’s surprising upset of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election followed with that the Democrats and their blind followers in the media to come up with making  a narrative claiming that Trump and […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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Moscow’s position on E. Ukrainian regions seeking autonomy hasn’t changed – Lavrov

Preview President Vladimir Putin’s decree legalizing some documents issued by authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk, in the territory of Russia, does not signal any change in Moscow’s stance on the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Minister has said.
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Bill Would Make Sasquatch ‘Official Cryptid’ of Washington – Koin 6

This is the kind of news that does our hearts good. A bill has been sponsored in Washington allowing Bigfoot to be named the Official Cryptid of the state. How is this possible, you may ask? According to Republican Senator Ann Rivers of La Center, Sasquatch is an integral part of the Washington state heritage and environment. Thank you Senator, we all agree with you. Next Nick Redfern reviews the new book by Lyle Blackburn. In Beyond Boggy Creek – Reviewing the Southern Bigfoot, Nick is convinced the book will grab the interest of any cryptid hunter with a fascination for human-like creatures that behave like monsters. Nick was especially impressed by Blackburn’s personal experience in the Southern woods, which added real life atmosphere to the stories in Beyond Boggy Creek. The Southern Sasquatch is not the only cryptid with a fondness for water. Brent Swancer recounts The Curious Case of the Orang Ikan. Apparently, Japanese soldiers in the 1940s encountered these strange, humanoid/fishlike creatures frequently around lagoons where the 5- foot-long beings would stuff fish into their spiky toothed mouths. Definitely not your typical mermaid story. And finally we have Karl Shuker Exposing Yet Another Fake Black Lion Photograph. Coming upon a black lion photo which had hitherto escaped his notice, Dr. Shuker wasted no time dissecting its elements and declaring it bogus. As always, impressive detective work. Hoaxers Beware, Shuker is watching you. (CM)

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Johnny Depp Says He Was Attacked By Chupacabra: ‘I Fought with it for Hours’ – Inquisitr

Reporter Kim McLendon makes more than a meal of what seems to be a teasing bit of flippancy from Depp, whose lifestyle is routinely fodder for the tabloids. And sounding equally bizarre, though apparently quite normal, The Guardian tells us that Fictional characters make ‘experiential crossings’ into real life, study finds. If you’ve ever enjoyed a book so much that your brain just couldn’t put it down, then you probably recognize the phenomenon. (LP)

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New Search Begins for the Ark of the Covenant – Mysterious Universe

Along with the Holy Grail and the missing 18 minutes of Watergate tapes, the whereabouts of the Ark remains in the top ten of stuff we want to find. An archaeological team from Tel Aviv University is all set to wield their shovels around the ancient city of Kiriath-Jearim in West Jerusalem. Mind you, given that the Ark is said to spread “mice, hemorrhoids and tumors,” maybe it’s best left undisturbed. Not left undisturbed is this Skeleton of an Ancient Giant Found in Iran, but hold back on the excitement because, after much speculation, Paul Seaburn admits the remains are likely just those of “a very tall man.” And from England comes the question Did Frome have a Stonehenge? Resident appeals for help tracing history. Ancient skeletons and “a number of standing stones and archaeological features” in this Somerset town are the subject of research by local man, Tony House, who would be glad of any info on these enigmatic relics. (LP)

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What Was Your Original Face on Mars?—Zen and the Prophetic Sublime – The Nightshirt

Why are we attracted to scenes of beauty and destruction? Take for example the Face on Mars, which was apparently recognized by at least two prominent artists long before the Viking Orbiter ever photographed these “ruins,” according to anthropologist Eric Wargo. Comic artist Jack Kirby wrote and illustrated a story called “The Face on Marsâ€� in 1958, and 11 years earlier Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi created a small sand model for an earthwork called “Sculpture to be seen from Marsâ€� that looks uncannily like Viking’s photograph, including the tilt at which it appears in the artist’s photo. So, you wonder? Well, the sublime–a word which was originally used to describe the specific feeling evoked by landscapes and works of art that suggest immensity and destruction–is highly relevant to psi, Wargo believes, as it happens to be precisely these kinds of scenes and situations—including fires, natural disasters, and ruins in a landscape—that have always dominated people’s spontaneous accounts of ESP experiences. And the sublime, he notes, is essentially identical to the notion of jouissance, the kind of thrill we get that seems to trigger precognition. (PH)

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Red Bluff: 1960 – Saturday Night Uforia

This long and worthwhile piece by Daniel Ropkin deals with the rather misnamed, as is noted, August 13-14, 1960, event whose core feature was a more than two-hour encounter between two California Highway Patrolmen and a large, football-shaped, highly maneuverable aerial phenomenon. The article sifts through the many sidelights to this central experience, as well as the rather shoddy Air Force response to it, in an effort to provide an understandable account of what happened. This recourse to primary sources is so much preferable to what you get in a lot of popular books. Elsewhere, Jack Brewer’s Revisiting the Gulf Breeze Six starts out with a major gift to the serious reader in a 117-page pdf file of such source materials, courtesy of himself and James Carrion, who provided them to aid Brewer’s contemplated FOIA requests regarding the Gulf Breeze Six. These were six US Army intelligence analysts who went AWOL from their station in Germany on (or before!) July 9, 1990, and traveled to Florida supposedly on a mission to kill the Antichrist (or for other reasons). Follow Brewer’s link to the late Philip Coppens’ case summary to get a bearing before “diving in” for what Brewer discusses next. (WM)

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..and the media then tries to cover it up and blame the Christians There is a lot of talk about “fake news” going around today about Islam when the opposite is true. People are learning about and have easy access […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

Trump aid Destroys BBC calls them fake news says they are going to talk straight to American public.Is Trump about to launch a TRUMP NEWS CHANNEL

Is Trump about to launch a TRUMP NEWS CHANNEL  In a heated exchange between Newsnight‘s Evan Davis an aide to President Trump, both the presenter and the BBC were accused of “fake news”. You have to admire the duplicity at […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

BREAKING: Health Ranger threatened by left-wing media goons: “Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU”

I believe this is happening and being directed from the Obama Bunker. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am being threatened with the “complete destruction” of my reputation, my brand and my character by left-wing media operatives who have issued a new threat […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

‘Freedom! Victory!’ 500 African migrants celebrate after breaking through EU border fence (VIDEO)

Preview Hundreds of migrants are being given food and first aid by Spanish authorities and charities after storming and climbing over a six-meter barbed-wire fence to enter Ceuta, Spain’s enclave in North Africa, bordering Morocco.
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