Planet X Prophecy, Real Nibiru Timeline Revealed [VIDEO]

There is a possibility that a Planet X-type body might have brought on the deluge, as ancient records of both China and Egypt refer to an extremely large object in the sky that was prevalent for a time. Yet, according to this, research, in order to flood the entire planet, you would need 3.5 times the amount of water that's currently on the surface. Mark Combs learned that there are enormous reservoirs of water inside the Earth, and some of this may have contributed to the Great Flood. He also compared Genesis with modern science, and noted that the idea of the Big Bang in which everything began all at once is similar to the initial creation as described in the Bible. Combs , an expert on the flood of Noah, cataclysmic destruction, and religions of the ancient world, discussed his investigation into the Great Flood, in which he drew correlations between history, science, and religion.

Benewah County Woman Swears Bigfoot Caused Her to Crash on US95 Near Potlatch – Pullman Radio

Last week a woman driving the roads at night in Benewah County, Washington, was involved in a collision with a deer. Seems normal enough considering the time of year. What’s caught the media’s attention is her claim that the deer was being pursued by a Sasquatch, thereby causing it to run out into oncoming traffic. This is very much a case of having to take someone’s word for it. We weren’t there and it was nighttime so no witnesses could observe anything much anyways, and an automobile accident would likely eradicate any footprints or other Bigfooty evidence. The driver of the car had not been drinking, so that’s a win regardless. Also in the same category of We’ll Take Your Word For It, a Lost Tourist Says Monkeys Saved Him in the Amazon. Maykool Coroseo Acuña was part of a tour group learning about Amazonian shamanism and turned his nose up at participating in a sacred ceremony. He claims the next thing he knew he was running through the forest, disposing of his shoes and cellphone, and becoming thoroughly lost. While some believe the spirits of the Amazon punished his arrogance, it might be worth noting that there are an infinite number of medicinal or hallucinogenic plants in that part of the world…(CM)

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UFO Reported in Gulf of Mexico: OSV Engineer Says he Saw Large Craft Hovering Near Rig – gCaptain

Only Big UFOs today. gCaptain is a website devoted to advancing the interests of the commercial marine and offshore energy industries. We doubt that reporter Mike Schuler submits many such tales as appears in this piece. The witness reported an approximately 1000 foot craft that rose out of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico about 80 miles southeast of New Orleans on the evening of March 21st, and quickly disappeared. He thinks that more than 50 other people on nearby vessels may have seen this event. An interesting and straightforward treatment by a “mainstream” website. Elsewhere, Open Minds’ Roger Marsh gives us a December 10, 2014, Lakehurst event in which a Disc UFO over New Jersey was “Football Field” Size, Claims Witness. This UFO was oval, and the object appeared to accelerate as it moved quickly away. One possibly germane nugget: the phenomenon was first sighted over the joint McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military installation. Interestingly enough, the witness said he decided to make the report after driving by the base the other day and realizing “you can see stars everywhere in the sky, except for where those lights were above the base.” (WM)

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A Martian State of Mind – Future Tense

The CIA has declassified documents detailing 1980s research into astral projection–they mean remote viewing–to Mars, back in time about a million years ago. While we have no means by which to verify the findings, it’s as fascinating as all get out. Test subjects reported on Mars’ geography, surface structures, and very tall beings. No mention of irrigation channels though, which is the subject of A Mistranslated Word Led To Some Of The Best Fake News Of The 20th Century. When Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer, claimed in 1877 to see channels running over the surface of Mars, (later revealed to be an optical illusion), he used the Italian term “canali.” Needless to say there were those in the scientific community who ran with that word, Anglicizing it over to “canals” and all the possibilities that might infer. Apparently 19th century scientists had never heard of translators, or Italian to English dictionaries. (CM)

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The Woman in Black – Victorian Mourning as Criminal Disguise – Haunted Ohio

Chris Woodyard recounts the tradition of the Victorian widow “swathed in her habiliments of woe.” It comes as no surprise that during those times it was commonplace for criminals to disguise themselves as women in mourning in order to perpetrate all variety of crimes without discovery, including robbery of corpses on display for visitation or pick pocketing unwary good samaritans. The tragic amount of death in those times made the sight of the woman in black all too common, and the garb came to be associated with a high degree of strangeness over time. As ominous as the shadowy widows are the Black Eyed Kids: Are They Killers? A recent account sent in to Lon Strickler describes an incident where BEK’s made a number of appearances in a neighborhood immediately prior to a fatal house fire. Police chose to remain uninterested–apathetic or frightened? Most police forces take an interest in young people loitering and trespassing, so the whole incident is either very mysterious, or very contrived. (CM)

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Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Maree Batchelor – The Paracast

With Chris O’Brien “on assignment,” Gene Steinberg solo hosted Bob Davis, Board of Directors and Research Team member of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), and psychic healer Maree Batchelor. Davis contends that science needs to come to grips with the kind of data that FREE has been collecting, particularly on the matter of UFO experiences, and also look seriously into such abilities as Dr. Batchelor claims. Dr. Davis went farther than we’d read before in attributing significance to statistics based upon a sample that self-selects by responding to ads placed in various media and is further affected by lumping together individuals reporting various UFO-related experiences from mere sightings up to and including full-fledged abductions. (Dr. Davis abhors that term, but its Latin roots make it more descriptive of the “led or taken away” nature–physically, mentally, or psychically–of the reported experience than is the more generic “experiencer.”) Davis freely acknowledged that he could offer only “feelings” and not objective “proof” that the ability of many people to deal with and integrate their anomalous experiences into their lives is more than the triumph of the human spirit, and, since “validation” is impossible scientifically, one should be skeptical of FREE’s results. Gene’s probing questions included how does Dr. Batchelor know that the entities she consults aren’t lying to her, why the “shape shifting” some of her clients report of her during these Skype and in-person sessions has never been photographed, and what precisely is this “vibrational frequency effect” she believes occurs during what otherwise seem like fairly usual hypnotic inductions, but with “third eyes” and benevolent off-world beings occasionally inserted into the monologue. (WM)

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Forget Asteroids, a Solar Storm could cause Apocalypse on Earth [VIDEO]

A solar flare is caused when intense burst of radiation comes from the release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots. Flares are the solar system's largest explosive events. A CME happens when the outer solar magnetic fields are closed, often above sunspot groups, and the confined solar atmosphere can suddenly and violently release bubbles of gas and magnetic fields.

Large bursts of solar radiation are potentially incredibly dangerous… if you happened to be any closer to the Sun. But thanks to the distance and the Earth’s atmosphere, humans are completely unaffected with the only side effects being.

Russia’s deadliest serial killer? Cop-turned-slasher faces 60 new murder charges, death toll at 82

Preview A former Russian policeman, Mikhail Popkov, who is already serving a life sentence for killing 22 women, has been charged with an additional 60 murders. If the charges are proven, it will make Popkov Russia’s worst-ever serial killer.
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