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New Scientific Paper Offers Evidence for Younger Dryas Conflagration; Lost Civilization Believers Immediately Lay Claim …

In this first of four posts Jason Colavito takes issue with the notion that a comet strike almost 13,000 years ago extinguished advanced ancient civilizations. He also mentions a contact by the producers of the new In Search Of series made about his appearing as a “dissenting voice” on the subject of Atlantis. With The First Effort to Identify Atlantis with the Sea Peoples Jason bursts that appearance bubble, then reproduces an interesting section from an 1886 academic article. With Fringe Writer Claims Spectacular Bronze Age Gem is Secret Astrological Image Colavito is withering about an attempt to connect a gorgeous Mycenaean age agate carving with a really lost civilization. And with Review of “Ancient Giants: History, Myth, and Scientific Evidence from Around the World” by Xaviant Haze Colavito takes swings at Haze’s theory, his research methodology, and his apparent inattention to copyright issues. (WM)

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Cats With Wings? Extraordinary Things! – Shuker Nature

Flying cats? Not so much, more like leaping felines, but Dr. Shuker is more than familiar with this twist of nature and can attest that it’s not all that uncommon. It is one for the strange books however, and we’re not going to be throwing around the phrase “when pigs fly” with such ease anymore. We need to be careful what we ask for. This next piece, White Dogs of Death also features pets that seem to be less than earthbound, but it’s more of a case of payback and karma than nature playing pranks. In honor of the Year of the Dog, Chris Woodyard shares a tale that will make you appreciate–and respect–your four-legged pals a whole lot more. (CM)

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No Aliens at Roswell, Part-1 – Mysterious Universe

In this and in No Aliens at Roswell, Part-2, Nick Redfern summarizes his thoughts behind rejecting an ET crash in 1947 New Mexico. But he doesn’t quite draw final connection between the USAF’s “polyethylene balloons coated or laminated with aluminum” flown up “as early as May 1948″; Keith Basterfield’s “gigantic balloons” of a period undated in Nick’s article; and an event that, again, certainly took place 9 months prior to the USAF statement. Nick does a whole lot better with the apparent lack of interior parts of the craft. But it seems somewhat questionable that a “clean-up crew” in this instance should have scooped up the crash remains before Mac Brazel laid eyes on them. If one goes that route, numerous freelance human explorers have likely vanished into then-uncharted territories of this globe. Paul Seaburn wows us with Testimony Claims Nixon Hid Proof of ET in White House Time Capsule. Sometimes it seems that human shenanigans, real or imagined, are beyond even the capabilities of those ETs. (WM)

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Yellowstone earthquakes: More than 200 quakes hit national park – here’s what that means

THE YELLOWSTONE National Park has been hit by a swarm of more than 200 earthquakes over the past two weeks amid fears the ‘Big One’ is coming or a volcanic eruption may be imminent. Here is what we know so far about the series of tremors and what that could mean for the region.